Sandeman Sherry

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Sandeman Sherry Fino is a young Fino, aged in a Solera of small casks for a minimum of three years. The wine matures in a Solera, under «flor» (a veil of yeast) to become a pale straw yellow colour, with shades of green and gold.

Pale straw yellow in colour, with shades of green and gold, Sandeman Sherry Fino is light, fruity and delicate on the palate with a fresh, dry finish.


Sandeman Sherry Armada Superior Cream is a premium quality Oloroso Sherry. Careful ageing for more than ten years in the ancient Solera develops its complexity and roundness.

A small amount of very rich Pedro Ximénez Sherry, made from sun dried grapes, is blended in to create a rich but complex combination.

Dark mahogany colour, with highlights of old gold. Very deep and complex Oloroso characteristics are offset by the richness and personality of Pedro Ximénez. Full-bodied, well balanced with a very smooth and velvety long aftertaste.


Sandeman Sherry Royal Ambrosante Pedro Ximénez 20 Years Old from a Solera established in 1894 is one of Sandeman´s Rare wines. Its intense flavour combines lush, ripe fruit and age, epitomising the style of Sandeman Sherries.

A wine with a dark, opaque mahogany colour, Sandeman Sherry Royal Ambrosante Pedro Ximénez 20 Years Old has a fragrant aroma. Full and vigorous in the mouth, it is both smooth and sweet, combining lush ripe fruit and age in a perfect balance. The intense raisin flavours are complex with a very long finish.